A safe place for victims of abuse and their children  
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         Princeton, Illinois            

Freedom House is the Sexual Assault/Abuse Agency for five Illinois counties:

Bureau, Marshall, Putnam, Henry, and Stark.

When you have been a victim of sexual assault or abuse, it is important to know that Advocates at Freedom House will always take you seriously. We understand that the abuse is not your fault. We are victim centered -- we allow you to take the lead in your healing process. Here are some services that may be of help to you. Please note that services are confidential and are offered free of charge:

Hotline -- Please feel free to call our hotline number 24/7 at 1/800-474-6031 if you have been assaulted. We can offer support, tell you about our services, and inform you of your rights.

Therapy and Counseling -- Individual therapy and counseling are available. Many survivors appreciate the support and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.  Issues that are common to survivors: dealing with trauma, focusing on safety, increasing assertiveness skills, and developing positive self-esteem. All services are offered for non-offending victims of sexual violence. The violence may be recent or from the past.

Legal Advocacy -- Advocates will fully inform you of your rights. If you decide to make a police report, an Advocate can accompany you to the police station. If you have a case in the court system related to sexual violence, you can request a Legal Advocate, who will offer support and assist you in understanding the court process. The Advocate can help you petition the court for an “Order of Protection” or “Civil No Contact Order” if you wish to do so.

Medical Advocacy -- If you have been assaulted, an Advocate can meet you at the hospital to provide support, explain your rights, and inform you about Freedom House Services. While at the hospital, you may seek treatment, such as an exam, treatment for injuries, a forensic exam which may include an evidence kit.  All of these are options and choices for each individual victim.  An advocate can accompany you to follow-up visits if needed.

For Assistance Please Call -- 1-800-474-6031(Hotline) or 1-815-872-0087 to learn about services that can be of help to survivors of sexual violence.