Be a Voice Against Violence — Join the VAVC!


Speak up about abuse. Let abusers know their behavior is wrong and unacceptable. Encourage them to get help. If you see or hear someone being abused, use the cell phone… call the police!  Doing nothing can make the abuse worse and even deadly.


Support your local domestic violence/sexual assault program.  Most hotlines, advocacy or shelter organizations could benefit from your time, energy, financial support or other donations.  Simply call to find out ways to help in your area.


Research resources and local businesses for support.  Brainstorm ideas, seek speakers. Learn more  —  to help more. Knowledge is Power!


Make a commitment to work for equality and ending violence in all its forms. Model non-violent and respectful behavior in your everyday actions. Expect the same from others.


Teach yourself — and help instruct others. Schedule informational workshops for your club, workplace, church group. Encourage schools to include prevention as part of their curriculum.

VAVC Meeting Times

Bi-monthly meetings, second Monday, 1-2:30 PM, open to members and guests. If you are interested in attending, please call: 815-872-0087 or email:

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